Simple Care Grooming for the Guinea Pigs

Prepping and brushing your guinea pig all the time is an astounding open door for holding with your piggy. A sound delicious treat like a bit of apple or several sprigs of parsley will urge your piggy to anticipate this activity.

You will need a little brush, an infant's brush would be perfect and a metal brush. In the event that you have a pig of the long=haired assortment you should attempt to brush their jacket each day. Brush out any mats or places where your pigs hide has turned out to be stuck together. Short haired pigs can be brushed once per week yet on the off chance that they are shedding you may jump at the chance to brush each other day. Accept the open door while you're brushing to check for lice, wounds or injuries on the skin and make fitting move to treat them.


You can escape with not washing your guinea pig on the off chance that you consistently brush it. You might need to bathe your pig if the hide is grimy. You will likewise need to bathe your pig on the off chance that you find there is a lice invasion. Lice really require a guinea pig to survive so once you've cleaned the lice from your pig and tidied up their enclosure you ought to have no further issues. Lice are exchanged from other pervaded pigs or from individuals who have been taking care of swarmed pigs as of late. Lice are ordinarily found around the ears, neck head and posterior of the pig. They can cause scratching, balding and some scabbing around there.

On the off chance that your guinea pig is amazingly bothersome and there is no indication of lice or your piggy might shed more than they ordinarily do or there might be inordinate dandruff then a parasite or contagious disease might be the issue. You may need to visit your vet or check with your pet store for an answer.

Piggies discover showering somewhat upsetting so take care when you're placing it in water. Utilize a shallow dish of warm or lukewarm water. Try not to utilize boiling water. In the event that you utilize cleanser it must be greatly mellow. Infant cleanser is great. Try not to utilize a sedated cleanser except if advised to do as such by a vet as cured shampoos can hurt your guinea pig. Just cleanser or suds your piggy's body and ward off the suds from their head, ears and eyes.

Ensure you flush your pig well and afterward pat or rub dry with a towel and in addition you can. Keep your piggy warm until the point that they are altogether dry.

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