few Days in the Life of a Guinea Pig

My name is John Evans and I have been keeping and raising guinea pigs now for more than ten years. I have worked out a framework where my guinea pigs can stay fit and solid and live upbeat lives. I have two pens for the four pigs that I have at present. A separated munching run where the pigs can eat on the grass amid the day. I additionally have two pens for them to spend their night and night. The dozing confine has their bedding zone. There is no bedding region in the brushing confine.

The touching enclosure is made of a wooden casing with two pivoted entryways on top at either end. These entryways are with the goal that the pigs can be effectively gotten and expelled when they are being moved between enclosures. Each morning the pigs are expelled from their dozing quarters and moved over to the munching confine which is put on new grass for the day. The touching pen is canvassed in a fine work wore so no untamed life or winged creatures can meddle with the pigs. The highest point of the pen is secured with shade material which enables them to have shade in the splendid sun. I have a waterproof cover which covers most of the brushing confine if the climate will be somewhat wet. On the off chance that it is extremely stormy they spend the day in their medium-term confine which has an activity and nourishing zone and furthermore their dozing quarters.

You'd be shocked at how much grass the guinea pigs will eat in multi-day. I at present have four, two guys and two females. The partitioned confine keeps them separated more often than not in spite of the fact that I have discovered a traverse when the ground has been somewhat uneven and there has been room enough for a decided young woman to go and visit her playmate. Luckily we have not had any undesirable issues from the unscheduled visits. We have decided not to breed right now. They eat enough that I could move the confine onto crisp ground part of the way through the day yet I typically supplement their touching with an apple shared among them.

You can purchase two story confines that are open on the ground level permitting your guinea pigs to brush. My grandkids have one of these confines and they move it around to new grass each day. The enclosure is light enough to be effectively conveyed and moved by two young men. The slope from their dozing quarters down to the brushing territory enables their pigs to make the most of their touching voluntarily. They approach their resting quarters by an incline which can be anchored to keep them from going down to touch in the event that you decide to. The assortment of touching joined with the security of their resting quarters makes for an extremely glad gathering of mollified guinea pigs.

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